Doctors Note Template

A doctor’s note template is a standardized form or document that healthcare professionals use to provide written documentation of a patient’s medical condition or the need for medical leave. These notes are often requested by employers, schools, or other institutions as proof of a legitimate medical absence or condition.

Provide your clinic or private practice’s patients with doctor’s notes they can send to their employers or professors. With this Doctor’s Note Template from Statement Blog, it’s easy to create and customize professional doctor’s notes for any and all occasions. Include diagnosis, dates they won’t be attending work or school, contact info, and other important data.

Doctors authorization written template

Content of a Doctors note template

Patient Information: Full name, date of birth, and contact information of the patient.

Doctor’s Information: Name, credentials, contact details, and sometimes the medical facility’s information.

Date of Visit: The date when the patient visited the doctor for evaluation.

Diagnosis: A brief description of the medical condition or diagnosis.

Treatment Plan: Any prescribed medications, recommended treatments, or restrictions on activities.

Duration of Recovery: The estimated time the patient may need to recover or the duration for which they should be excused from certain activities.

Follow-up Instructions: Any recommendations for follow-up appointments or check-ups.

Doctor’s Signature: A space for the doctor to sign the note, validating its authenticity.